A cottar’s farm from 1800
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Bakken, a cottar’s farm leased from Dalaker farm on Rennesøy, represents one of the many cottar’s farms that had both living quarters and barn under the same roof. Few of these still exist in Rogaland county. The living quarters are built of logs while the barn is stave-built.

This cottar’s farm is small and didn’t provide much to live on. A cow and a few sheep could be held, and there was a potato field and a tiny wheat field here too. The root cellar down the hill was a good place to store potatoes.

Rennesøy has a good supply of excellent slate building stone. There is a special way of building here with stones set sloping out from the wall and the beams laid on the inside of the stone wall. This fixes the roof firmly on the wall. The barn at Bakken is a good example of this technique.

Bakken lies on the road between Vikevåg and Østhusvik.
Leave highway E39 just after the Mastrafjord tunnel. Follow the road up the hill about 900 meters. Bakken lies on the left side. You can park along the road on the side.

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