Library and museum
OPENING HOURS 2018 Monday: 10.00- 22.00 Saturday: 10.00 -14.00 Wednesday: 10.00-18.00 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday closed TICKETS Free entrance ADDRESS/CONTACT Bibmus Vikevågveien, 4150 Rennesøy, tlf (+47) 5172 0277 Ryfylkemuseet Tlf (+47) 52 79 29 50,

Bibmus combines the public library, local archives and museum in one unit. Some objects from the Rennesøy Rural Museum’s collection are displayed in the cultural center in Rennesøy. The exhibition tells of building traditions, food and meals, the summer kitchen, children and childhood, home textiles, farming and fishing. History is re-told with the help of objects, photographs, and texts. Bookshelves with books on the displayed subjects and themes have been set up between each section. The exhibition was set up in cooperation with Rennesøy Municipality.


Bibmus lies on the first floor of Rennesøy Cultural Center in Vikevåg. If you come from Stavanger, turn right to Vikevåg right after leaving the Mastra Fjord Tunnel.


Bli Medlem