Brødrene af Sand

One of the few Ryfylke coasters still in service

In the summer months, the sailing ship is moored to the quay at the Nesasjøhuset if shes not out on a cruise

Guided tours for groups on request.

Participant groups of co-sailors (max. 9 people) are welcome. The income from the tours will be used to cover costs of maintenance and operations.


Tlf (+47) 52 79 29 50,  post@ryfylkemuseet.no



“Brødrene af Sand” is one of the few Ryfylke coasters in service. She was built at Dokkskar in Yrkesfjorden in the mid-1800s and took part in herring fisheries in the Baltic Sea. Later she was used in coastal trade between Østhusvik and Sand.

The coaster is just over 15 meters long and a bit more than 5 meters wide. Her mast is 19 meters high and carries three sails – a mainsail, a jib and a topsail.

Ryfylkemuseet took over the coaster in 1997 after which she was completely restored at the Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter in 1998-1999. Her Friends’ Association and Ryfylkemuseet collaborate on maintenance and operations.

This coaster is now protected and is the only Ryfylke coaster preserved in Rogaland County. She represents a significant and important rural business activity and is an example of extremely high boat-building competence.

By using and caring for the coaster, we carry on some of the knowledge connected to coastal trading. We also give co-sailors a chance to experience the fjord, the boat and the slow-moving life that results from being powered by wind and current.

The Friend’s Association goes on cruises, festivals, arrangements and takes on different assignments.

One can book cruises with “Brødrene af Sand” ,both daycruises and overnight cruises. The participants will join the cruise as sailors. A maximum of 9 people is allowed on each cruise.


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