Byggnettverket, the National Network for Building Protection and Craftsmanship Competence in Museums, was established on 28 January 2003 at the request of what was then ABM-Development and by the initiative of Hedmark Museum, Ryfylkemuseet, Røros Museum and Sunnmøre Museum.

The Building Network’s aim is to reinforce professional status and increase museums’ visibility as collaborators in the work of protecting buildings and ships.

The Building Network Meeting is the governing body for the Building Network, with at least one meeting being held every year. These meetings alternate between the member museums. Museum leaders and every museum employee who works with building protection and craftsman competence can participate.

Ryfylkemuseet leads the Building Network and is in charge of convening the Meetings.

An executive committee for the Building Network was elected in 2004. This committee prepares the meetings together with the arranging museum and is also summoned whenever vital matters are to be decided upon.

THIS is the Network agreement.


  • Creation of sources and development of knowledge in building protection.
  • Building protection in museums. A Report on Management of Cultural/historical Buildings at Museums in Rogaland County.
  • Climatic Challenges in Building Protection. This project will be carried out in cooperation with the Craftsmanship Network (Håndverksnettet).



  • 17-18 September 2015. Bymuseet i Bergen. Program, minutes, lectures by Steinar Moldal: Materialbank på rot, Materiallære (Material Pools in Nature, Learning about Materials).
  • 2-4 October 2014. Glomdalsmuseet. Program, minutes.
  • 17-18 September 2014, Sunnmøre Museum. Minutes.
  • 13-14 September 2012, Hjerleid, the Center for Rural Culture, Dovre. Minutes.
  • 6-7 October 2011, Geitbåtmuseet, Husanotra, Kristiansund. Minutes, lecture: Culture and Gerography, Terminology.
  • September 2010. Network meeting at Vest-Agder Museum, Kristiansand. Lecture: Miln Wharf.
  • 3-4 September 2009, Setesdalsmuseet. Minutes, lecture: The Basic Process.
  • 27-29 August 2008, Ryfylkemuseet, Sand.
  • 3-4 April 2008, Hedmarksmuseet, Hamar.
  • 2007, Romsdalsmuseet, Molde.
  • 10-11 May 2006, Rørosmuseet.
  • 12-13 September 2006, Telemarksmuseet, Skien.
  • 26-27 April 2005, Sunnmøre Museum, Ålesund.
  • 6-7 May 2004, Hedmarksmuseet, Hamar.
  • 7-8 October 2003, Ryfylkemuseet, Sand
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