People and languages on the move


Starting: 29 Sep 2019 | 11:00

Sluttar: 1 May 2020 | 15:00

Location: Nesasjøhuset

Welcome to the exhibition ‘People and languages on the move’.

At our headquarters at Sand, Nesasjøhuset, you can now visit the exhibition about learning, mother tongue, language barrier, languages on the run, exclusion, identity, language variety, and integration.



In this exhibition we meet people who have moved to Norway because of different reasons: because of a war or because of love or work. In their luggage they have the own mother language with them.

All these people have to learn our norwegian languate: nynorsk, bokmål and all the dialects. They will learn that «vondt», «låkt», «ilt» and «ondt» means the same, but «legen» and «leggen» have a totally different meaning.

How is it to come to a new country and to have to learn a new language?

What happens with your mother language when you do not have the opportunity to use it in the same way as you did before you came to Norway?

In this exhibition you will meet different people that tell you about the meaning and value of their mother language. How important is that language for your identity, for what kind of person you ar. The mother language is important to keep up the contact with friends and relatives in the home country, to communicate within your own family, with your kids, and to be able to express yourself in detail. What happens when you lose the possibility to express yourself in your own language. Is the teaching of the norwegian langueage for foreigners sufficient? These are some of the questions that are adressed in the exhibition.

The exhibition is produced by «Ivar Aasen-tunet». Ryfylkemuseet has, in cooperation with the local Intro-centre, supplied the exhibition with stories of the foreigners that came to Suldal.

The exhibition will be shown until the end of april.

Bli Medlem