Starting: 27 Sep 2020 | 12:00

Sluttar: 27 Sep 2020 | 13:00

Location: Nesasjøhuset


Theatre for the kids from 3 years (in norwegian language)

About 45 min.

Entrance: kr 130 pp.


Theatre for the kids
Based on Sissel Horndal`s book with the same title, Himmelspringaren (which means: skyjumper)

The day that the lamb «Lilla» is born, there is a shock in the Gullulla barn.
Lilla is not as the other white lambs, she is lilla!
No other lambs want to be with her, not even her mother.
I is hard for Lilla to be an outcast, but one day Kvasskjeften arrives. He is a dangerous one, and shows Lilla how much guts a little lamb can have. Even when you are different from the rest.


Devoloped and performed by Monika Solheim & Adele Lærum Duus
Regi: Annicke Gill Haukås
Music: Hallvard Lærum



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