All about lobsters

Kvitsøy hummermuseum

Starting: 18 Jun 2017 | 13

Sluttar: 13 Aug 2017 | 16

Location: Kvitsøy hummermuseum

The story of lobster fishing on Kvitsøy

June: sundays from the 18th, 13-16
July: saturdays and sundays, 13-16
wednesday 12th of July, 13-16
August: sundays til 13th of August, 13-16
wednesday 9th of August, 13-16
Lobsterseason: October: sundays, 13-15
Guided tours for groups on enquiry.


Adults NOK 60, children  NOK 30, family NOK 150

adults NOK 60, kids NOK 30, family NOK 150

Read more about the Hummermuseum (lobtsermuseum) at Kvitsøy and get to know more about the history of lobster fishing at this little island at the coast. Welcome to several exhibitions on lobster fishing, the fishing industry, and life on the island.

This is absolutely worth a day tour to the idyllic island of Kvitsøy

The ferry to Kvitsøy from the main land takes off at Mekjarvik, near Stavanger. The crossing takes about 35 minutes. Check the Kvitsøy ferry timetable for more information.