Free play in Kvitebjørnen


Starting: 15 Jun 2017 | 10

Sluttar: 15 Aug 2017 | 17

Location: Kvitebjørnen


every day from June 15 – August 15 10 – 17


Adults NOK 60, children NOK 30, families NOK 150

The ticket gives you also free entrance to the Mitt Ryfylke exhibition, an exhibition about the lifestile and the history of the Ryfylke area.

Free entrance to the café and the museum shop

Being in our Kvitebjørnen exhibition is an experience for children. Here you can live out your own fantasy. The exhibition is based on an adventure from the local writer Rasmus Løland (1861-1907), about Kvitebjørnen (the white bear).

Rasmus Løland was a pioner i children litterature. In the exhibition you get into an adventure land where the kids kan watch, listen, dress out, and play their own play.

This will for sure be an adventure.