Free play in Kvitebjørnen


Starting: 1 Jan 2018 | 9:00

Sluttar: 31 Dec 2020 | 15:00

Location: Kvitebjørnen


open from 11 to 15, Mondays closed, thursdays open from 11 to 18, extended opening hours in summer holidays (check Nesajøhuset)


Adults NOK 60, children NOK 30, families NOK 150 (= incl. entrance to the People and languages on the move).
Free entrance to the café and the museum shop

Being in our Kvitebjørnen exhibition is an experience for children. Here you can live out your own fantasy. The exhibition is based on an adventure from the local writer Rasmus Løland (1861-1907), about Kvitebjørnen (the white bear).

Rasmus Løland was a pioner i children litterature. In the exhibition you get into an adventure where the kids kan watch, listen, dress out, and play their own play. Clothes to dress up, sounds, film, music, storytelling and a couch to read the story are some of the things you will find and experience. A beautifull place to explore.

This will for sure be an adventure.


Bli Medlem