Industrial history in Sauda

Industriarbeidarmuseet og Åbøbyen

Starting: 25 Jun 2019 | 12

Sluttar: 22 Aug 2019 | 16

Location: Industriarbeidarmuseet og Åbøbyen

June 26 until August 23 every tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 13.00 – 16.00
Join our guided walk through Åbøbyen at 12.00 these days. Meet up at the Folkets Hus. The tour ends at the museum.
Guided tours for groups on enquiry
Are we closed? Find your guide in our free app ‘Ryfylkemuseet’

Adults NOK 60, children NOK 30, families NOK 150
Group guiding in Abøbyen and entrance to the museum:  NOK 100 pp.

Haakonsgaten 51-53, 4200 Sauda

Tlf (+47) 52 79 29 50, post@ryfylkemuseet.no

Welcome to the Industriarbeidarmuseum (The museum of the industrial workers). Here you can experience several exhibitions.

  • ‘Slik budde me før’ – This is how we lived

Have a look at the apartements from the 1920’s and 1960’s.

Here you see how the industrial workers, working at the fabric in Sauda, lived. It is as if you enter the house of a family that still lives here.

Welcome ‘home’!


  • ‘Under Røyken – om livet i Åbøbyen’, Under the smoke, about life in Åbøbyen

Welcome to our exhibition that we opened in May 2019. You will enter right into the home of the families that lived in Åbøbyen. The

exhibition tells you about family life in the area, social status and their differences within the Sauda society, architecture, about being a

factory worker etc.


If you are in Åbøbyen and the museum is closes we recommend you to download our free app ‘Ryfylkemuseet’. There you will find som background information about Åbøbyen.


Here you’ll find more information about the Industrial workers museum .

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