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Starting: 4 Jun 2017 | 12

Sluttar: 27 Aug 2017 | 16

Location: Industriarbeidarmuseet og Åbøbyen

Opening hours
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Adults NOK 60, children NOK 30, families NOK 150

Welcome to the Industriarbeidarmuseum (The museum of the industrial workers). Here you can experience several exhibitions.

  • ‘Slik budde me før’ – This is how we lived

Have a look at the apartements from the 1920’s and 1960’s

Here you see how the industrial workers, working at the fabric in Sauda lived.

Welcome ‘home’!

  • ‘Skal me leika?’ – Come and play

An exhibition about games and how they played in the earlier days.

  • ‘På Grand Manila’ -At Grand Manilla

Exhibition with grafics from Alvaro Nofuentes

  • based on Kjartan Fløgstad (a local writer) his book Grand Manila