Ryfylkemuseet will provide knowledge and activities, and contribute to a constructive and progressive development of this local rural region of Ryfylke.

Ryfylkemuseet, a culturalhistorical museum founded in 1981, houses collections from Ryfylke, a region whose great variety of landscapes range from the islands in the west to the fjords and mountains in the east. Although the museum’s administration is at Sand in Suldal Municipality, it also covers the municipalities of Sauda, Hjelmeland, Strand, Forsand, Finnøy, Rennesøy and Kvitsøy.

Ryfylkemuseet offers activities that let you experience the daily life of Ryfylke’s people from far back in the 1500s to the present day. A trip through Ryfylke offers visits to farmyards from differing social classes and eras, all preserved on their original sites, a lobster museum and an industrial workers’ museum, which represent two of the region’s important industries, as well as a school museum where one can learn about childhood in Ryfylke.

The museum also owns a large collection of photographs and objects from the region. We work continuously to make our collections increasingly available on the website Digital Museum. Our folk music archive contains sound and video recordings from the whole of Rogaland County. Our department for building preservation works closely with local tradition bearers and traditional craftsmen to maintain buildings and local building traditions. Other important prioritized areas at the museum include communication aimed at children and young people, and cultural diversity. We have a varied and exciting program of exhibitions, guided tours, concerts and much more.

Do come and visit us!

Bli Medlem