Jonegarden på Hustveit

Museum farm in a unique cultural landscape


The barn With Exhibition is open year-round
The houses on the farmyard are closed, but can be opened for groups on request


Free entrance to the barn
Groups: See on request above


Jonegarden på Hustveit
4208 Saudasjøen, Sauda


Tlf (+47) 52 79 29 50,

Hustveit is a fascinating natural, cultural and recreational area. Both the surrounding cultural landscape and the farm buildings themselves, including the furnishings of the main building, appear both genuinely original and authentic, just as they were in the late 1800s. The wave of modernization that changed local farms never arrived at Hustveit. Neither artificial fertilizer nor motorized equipment was ever used on this farm. The fields surrounding the farmyard are now classified as landscape protection areas. A dedicated display of posters on this cultural landscape have been set up along the hiking trail.

The barn at Hustveit has been restored and is open year-round. Here there are exhibitions about the farm and about the people who once lived at Hustveit, about building traditions in the area, with emphasis on stave construction, and about the forest and the sawmill.

After taking a short walk along the old road to Kvedna Falls, you arrive at a pretty little site with a mill, grain kiln, saw etc. The farm’s mountain pasture farm can be reached on a few hours’ hike. It is open to the Public.


Hustveit lies about 15 minutes by car towards Haugesund from Sauda. Take county road 520 until you see the sign for Hustveit, then follow the gravel road to the parking area. The farmyard lies about 200 meters from there. On the way, you can study the poster display about the cultural landscape.

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