Kvitsøy hummermuseum

The story of lobster fishing on Kvitsøy


Open on Wednesdays throughout July, 10.00-14.00
The exhibitions are open, and the café sells waffles and ice cream.
National infection control rules apply

Information on guided tours for groups on enquiry.

Adults NOK 60, children <16 free

Grønningen 22, 4180 Kvitsøy, tlf. (+47) 5173 6300

Tlf (+47) 52 79 29 50,  post@ryfylkemuseet.no


Idyllic island of Kvitsøy lies far out on the fjord between Haugesund and Stavanger. It is the smallest of Ryfylke’s municipalities. The island is home to one of Ryfylkemuseets finest museum sites, Kvitsøy Hummermuseet. Opened in 2013, it has exhibitions on lobster fishing, the fishing industry, and life on the island.

The main exhibition deals with the story of the lobster, fishing lobsters and trading with them. Kvitsøy has long been known as a center for lobster fishing, but local fishermen also fish for herrings, sardines and shrimp. The sea has always been of fundamental importance for the settlement on Kvitsøy. The museum follows this theme with an exhibition on the daily life of an island fisherman. The museum also displays buildings and furnishings from a traditional fisherman’s home as well as an exhibition devoted to boats and motors. In addition, the museum can boast of an extensive collection of equipment used in the fishing industry.


Kvitsøy became well-known for its lobster fishing because of its lobster parks and lobster export. The Golden Age for this kind of fishing was in the years before 1960. At that time, Kvitsøy had numerous lobster parks, but these were shut down as catches lessened. There are still some few professional fishermen on the island who fish for lobster, but most do this as a hobby.


The museum is located in a large warehouse at Grøningen in Ydstebøhavn. The ferry from the main land takes off at Mekjarvik, near Stavanger. The crossing takes about 35 minutes. Check the Kvitsøy ferry timetable for more information.

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